Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NCDMF/NCMFC Attorneys Move for Dismissal of Sea Turtle Lawsuit

In an all-out effort to keep the public from learning the ugly truth about NC gill nets, the attorneys defending the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries and the Marine Fisheries Commission have made a motion for "dismissal" of the lawsuit filed by the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital.

If gill nets are not responsible for the deaths of thousands of Sea Turtles, why wouldn't the NCDMF and the NCMFC want their day in court to prove otherwise? Why not once and for all show the state of NC and the whole USA how environmentally friendly gill nets really are, and how they are not wasteful, indiscriminate killing machines?

Obviously NC commercial fishermen have learned methods of gill net fishing that all the other states in the south never acquired! Since from NC to Texas, NC and MS are the only 2 states left that still allow the unbridled use of gill nets in coastal waters, NC must be either really smart or really stupid!

We don't believe that North Carolinians are stupid. Most of them just don't really understand what a gill net is, how does it work, and what's wrong with gill nets!

The CFRG is starting a campaign to answer those three questions; "What is a gill net, how does it work," and "what's wrong with gill nets?"

We have prepared a PowerPoint presentation that answers those questions, and will come to your event or meeting wherever you are in the state of NC to make the presentation. It is a powerful and in-depth expose' on the dirty secret of the NC commercial gill net fishery, and the political framework that has protected it for decades!

Please email us to schedule a presentation for your organization in the near future.